Does Liquid Glass Repair Really Work?

Yes, liquid glass repair can be effective in mitigating the expansion of chips or small cracks, provided they haven't had time to expand. However, the results may not be as perfect as those of a professional repair, and they may not be close to the perfection of a new windshield. To get the best possible repair, it is important to follow the instructions carefully and make sure your work area is clean, shady, and well ventilated. If a foot-long crack has already formed, a home repair most likely won't last long, even if it works. Windshield repair kits typically use epoxy resin to fill, seal, and stabilize minor damage that is one inch or less in diameter.

By comparison, some garages that specialize in windshield repair claim to be able to repair 18-inch long cracks. The most obvious advantage of these kits is that they are cheaper than the average professional repair. But do they really work? Let's discuss what you should consider before buying a windshield repair kit. An automotive glass expert knows the different types of damage (and how to repair them) and is trained for the repair work itself, not to mention professional equipment and high-quality resins. Silicone kits are often used to seal the entire windshield to the car body, but sometimes they can be used to repair chips or cracks on the edge of the glass itself.

These kits promise that you can fix your own windshield for a fraction of the cost of a professional repair. But nail polish is much less durable than the special epoxy resins used in windshield repair kits, and it definitely won't hold up as well in the long run. It's possible to stabilize small chips with super glue, but windshield repair kits use special resins explicitly designed to repair damaged glass. If the splinter is small and you act quickly, do-it-yourself windshield repair kits can help you save time and money. This kit comes with enough resin for more than 200 repairs and there are extender kits available for those who run a small repair business.

With four resin bottles and a large curing film, this kit will repair several chips on the windshield. Using a repair kit and following instructions carefully will make the repair more attractive and durable, and will probably be less likely to be a visual distraction on the road.