Does Windshield Resin Have an Expiration Date?

It is essential to keep windshield resin away from direct sunlight, in smaller bottles of 7 to 15 ml and at room temperature. This way, the resin will remain viable for a couple of years. This comprehensive knowledge of windshield repair chemistry will help you purchase better resin and demonstrate to your customers that you are the expert they should trust to fix their safety device. This windshield repair forum will be used for the benefit of windshield repair technicians, regardless of their equipment manufacturer.

State Farm brought a lawsuit against State Farm claiming that the repair of a windshield was unsuccessful and could not restore the windshield to its condition prior to the loss and, therefore, State Farm owed all customers who received a repair the money to buy a new windshield minus the deductible. The standard U. S. test approved by ANSI for windshield repair is the laboratory test of mechanical strength using 3-point flexion.

It is important for anyone working in the windshield repair industry to understand the scientific principles behind windshield chips and cracks, how a windshield is made, and what resins are formulated to fix them. In the case of windshield chip repair, the vacuum and pressure cycles of a windshield repair injector help remove moisture. In the case of a surface crack, the resin cannot shrink by more than 1 to 2% and must be strong enough to stay in place after curing, as is the case with Ultra Bond crack-repairing resins. Large automotive glass companies, glass manufacturers, and PVB manufacturers formed a committee through the National Glass Association in 1994 with the goal of addressing the safety of crack repair and drafting a new standard to eliminate all professional or artisanal repair of windshield cracks.