What Dissolves Windshield Resin? A Comprehensive Guide

When it comes to windshield repair, it's important to know what dissolves windshield resin. Initially, denatured alcohol can be used to remove the resin while it is still in an uncured (wet) state. If it has hardened, however, it's best to take it to a body shop to see if they can remove it without damaging the windshield. Fortunately, there are special sets of resin primers for windshield repair that serve as a pretreatment for any crack or chip repair.

These primers improve repair by eliminating the hydrophobic coating that has been applied to the windshield and engraving the sides of the stone, cracks or prolonged cracks. This allows for better adhesion of the adhesive repair resin without leaving any trace of the engraving once the repair is complete. In addition, Xtra Bond offers additives to strengthen joints, waterproof and remove road contaminants. This ensures that regardless of the type of imperfections your customers' windshields have, you can repair damage with confidence knowing that you are using the best windshield pretreatment chemicals on the market.

Xtra Bond is a resin primer for windshield repair that will increase the adhesive bond of any resin to glass. These specially formulated resin primers and additives promote the tightest possible bond between glass and resin, resulting in stronger repairs than a new windshield.