Can Windshield Resin Cure Without Sunlight?

Working in adequate sunlight should be sufficient for curing windshield resin, as the UV rays emitted by the sun are capable of doing so. On a cloudy day, however, you may need the help of a UV lamp (ultraviolet light). UV resin (also known as monocomponent resin) cannot be cured without UV light, but two-part resin is not sensitive to UV rays and can be cured without it. Direct exposure to sunlight is sufficient to cure the resin, but it can take longer than with a professional UV curing machine with high UV wavelengths.

Bear, Clearshield, Glasweld, Glass Mechanix, and American Windshield Repair Systems manufacture some of the best repair resins out there. Most homemade windshield repair kits come with their own injector system, but they can also be purchased separately. If you have any type of windshield damage that you don't recognize, seek advice from a glass repair specialist. As for UV resin, a resin known as photocurable repair resin uses UV radiation to harden and is used to repair cracks and chips in windshields.

When you buy UV lamps with UV light, it's just as important to pay attention to the specifications as when you buy professional windshield repair equipment. These lamps produce UV rays comparable to those of the sun and cure windshield repair glue quickly and effectively. Windshield repair resins can be used to repair long-lasting windshields and are used by professionals for every repair. In addition to speeding up the repair process, UV light curing resin for windshield repair often uses stronger ingredients to form a tighter connection.

This way, you can be sure that your windshield repair will be maintained over time and won't expand or tear when you hit a pothole.